Hey! My name is

Anton Knoblach.

I am a product marketer at Adobe and former co-founder of holimother and unfourseen with a background in photography, film, and some coding. You can find me talking about Adobe’s video tools and developing my side-hustle iOS app Timey Timer.
Image: Munich Marketing Week / Martin Kroll

My Path

Over the years, I had the luck to explore wholely different fields.


As “photony”, I worked as a freelancer since I was 17. Starting with event photography, I learned to catch unique moments and find the right spot at the right time.

Cinematography & Color Grading

At 21, I entered the world of film production and dove into cinematography. Later I fell in love with color grading and had the chance to be visually responsible from pre-production to the screen.
Image: “A Murderer’s Confession” (Produced by unfourseen, directed and edited by Julian Cohn, color grading by Christian Kröhl, cinematography by myself)


Co-Founder & Head of Production
At university I had the luck to meet three outstanding people that shared the desire to start a film production company although none of us really knew how things worked. After much failing and even more trying, we eventually found what each of us loved to do.
Image: Josef Hallmann/unfourseen


Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Moving to Berlin, I decided to try something new. With holimother, we enabled companies to produce their own video content with smartphones. Switching to consulting, my focus was on developing the use of video further with new business models.
Image: Josef Heinl/holimother


Product Marketing Manager, Video in EMEA
Being regularly employed for the first time, I joined Adobe’s marketing team in 2019. I started in Enterprise Marketing, bringing Creative Cloud to creatives in big companies with new formats like Adobe Live for Business.
In March 2021, I went back to my film industry roots as a Product Marketing Manager for Adobe’s video tools in Germany.

In June 2022, I broadened my remit to cover the EMEA region.

Image: Bernd Brundert/Adobe

Other Things

2011 – 2012
Freelancer Blog Projects, Bayerischer Rundfunk

In 2011, two classes made A levels at the same time in Bavaria due to a reform of the school system. I was one of 12 people who documented their journey and learned a lot about engaging content.

10/18 – 02/19
Interim Management – Blogfabrik

End of 2018 I took on a part-time role supporting a Berlin-based agency startup in business & strategic development, operations and account management.